The Importance of Insurance

PodiatryNZ has a compulsory insurance component of membership, included in the membership fee.


We believe that insurance cover in today’s economic climate is an essential part of being a health professional and that podiatrists can have peace of mind by ensuring they have an industry standard comprehensive liability package. Members are automatically covered when their membership subscription is paid.


Our insurance provider BizCover provides the minimum level of insurance required for PodiatryNZ membership and offers a range of additional cover options to those who require it.

The insurance included with PodiatryNZ covers:

  • Professional Indemnity –This cover provides members with protection against claims for breach of professional duty as a podiatrist. It includes cover for legal expenses.

  • Public Liability – This cover provides members with protection against claims for property damage or personal injury on. For example, an accidental flood from a member’s premises damages another building;

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance – This cover provides protection where employees suffer personal injury at work where the employee is not eligible for accident compensation and sues the employer.

  • Statutory Liability – This cover provides protection where there is a potential or actual prosecution brought against a member when, in the course of business, there is an unintentional breach of an act of Parliament.


This cover applies to the member alone, and not their employees.

COVID-19 Update 17 April 2020

Bizcover has provided advice regarding expectations around transmission of COVID-19.  They say:  The insurers of Podiatry NZ members, Dual New Zealand, have confirmed that they would deem any behaviour by insured parties that could be construed as reckless, will result in policy coverage being negated.


Technically, the policy wording would not specifically exclude a claim against an insured party for spreading the Covid-19 virus. However, given the current status in New Zealand and the expected scenarios over the coming weeks or months, the insurers may consider those not following Ministry of Health or Registration Board standards and guidelines as wilful, negligent and reckless behaviour which would result in insurance cover being denied.  The insurers expect all insured parties to assist New Zealand and the World in stopping the spread of COVID-19.