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The Importance of Insurance

PodiatryNZ has a compulsory insurance component of membership, included in the membership fee.


We believe that insurance cover in today’s economic climate is an essential part of being a health professional and that podiatrists can have peace of mind by ensuring they have an industry standard comprehensive liability package. Members are automatically covered when their membership subscription is paid.


Our insurance provider BizCover provides the minimum level of insurance required for PodiatryNZ membership and offers a range of additional cover options to those who require it.

The insurance included with PodiatryNZ covers:

Professional Indemnity

Cover for any civil liability arising out of negligence or alleged negligence from professional activities and any legal defence costs pertaining to the defence of the alleged negligence.

Minimum limit of indemnity - $2,000,000


Public Liability

Cover for claims of compensation for personal injury or third party property damage arising out of an event whilst carrying out business


Minimum limit of indemnity - $2,000,000


Statutory Liability Policy

This cover provides protection where there is a potential or actual prosecution brought against a member when, in the course of business, there is an unintentional breach of an act of Parliament.

Minimum limit of indemnity - $1,000,000


Employers Liability Policy

Cover for liability as an employer where employees have suffered bodily injury as a result o employment where such injury is not covered by an ACC legislation.

Minimum limit of indemnity - $1,000,000

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