Clinical Advisors Network

Clinical Advisors are here to help all members stay connected, feel supported and engaged. If you have a question or saw a patient you are just not sure about, get advice from profession leaders. They can help you navigate difficult situations, support your development, answer questions and be a sounding board for your ideas. 

This network has been developed to:
  • support the profession

  • promote consistency

  • increase levels of personal and professional support for new graduates

  • build a learning culture within the profession

  • encourage senior practitioners to support those coming through

  • provide a career development opportunity for experienced/senior practitioners

  • increase leadership skills within the professional body

Meet your clinical advisors
Andrew Jones - Hamilton 


Phone: 021 702 817

Andrew has over 20 years experience in Podiatry, he runs a busy practice with a number of clinics, employing many staff including new graduates. Andrew particularly enjoys sports podiatry and solving complex cases.

Caron Orelowtiz - Auckland 


Phone: 021 722 302

Experience: 25+ years

Caron has a keen interest in Sports Podiatry as well as specialising in children's health and foot problems. Caron is involved in delivering the PodNZ Clinical Excellence training and is our go to for all things audit related.  

Cynthia Otene - Mangamuka, Northland 


Phone: 021 165 7488

Experience: 10+ years

Cynthia has a strong interest in primary case assessment and treatment of diabetic foot in rural and Maori communities. Cynthia is working towards her PhD in Public Health while running her Podiatry practice

Claire O’Shea - Hamilton 

Email: claire.o'

Phone: 07 859 9180

Experience: 10+ years

Claire works at Waikato DHB as the lead Podiatrist in the Regional Diabetes Service.

Claire Kemp - Gore


Phone: 027 406 2149

Experience: 25+ years

Claire has an interest in general podiatry as well as care of those in the Aged care sector and High Risk Foot needs.  Claire live in Gore (south of Dunedin) and is a good go to person to find out out living outside of Auckland.

Kate Franken - Christchurch


Phone: 03 357 0155

Experience: 15+ years

Interests: General podiatry, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sports and paediatrics. Need to know about combining work with a busy family life - Kate can provide some practical advice.

Kathy Hitchcox - Wellington


Phone: 027 277 7770

Experience: 40+ years

Interests: Kathy is the co-owner of a busy general podiatry practice in Wellington.  

Rachael Harper - Cambridge


Phone: 027 259 1332

Experience: 10+ years

Rachael has a BSc in Microbiology and Genetics as well as her Podiatry degree. She has a special interest in musculoskeletal foot and leg pain as well as nail and skin care. Rachael is a member of the PodNZ Board. With a nail technology qualification she offers nail reconstructions and medical pedicures.

Roger Grech - Auckland


Phone: 021 498 038

Experience: 40+ years

Roger has a keen interest in High Risk Foot podiatry as well as complex cases involving comorbidities. Roger is regularly sought out by Podiatrists for advice and consultation.

Sarah Saadat - Auckland


Phone: 021 124 8684

Experience: 15+ years

Sarah has practices in a number of Auckland suburbs which cover all aspects of podiatry including: General podiatry, High risk foot, Aged care, Paediatrics and Sports

Sarah Duncan - Christchurch


Phone: 027 426 5178

Experience: 10+ years

Sarah works in a busy multidisciplinary practice. Her passion is for sports and she is one of the committee who developed the PodiatryNZ Sports Accreditation program. Of particular interest, gender specific sporting issues.

Simon Speight


Phone: 09 306 4006

Experience: 20+ years

Simon gained a Master of Science degree in Podiatry with diabetes in 2018 from the University of Brighton.  He provides a high standard of care in general podiatry services, including minor surgery, biomechanics, orthotic therapy, diabetic foot disease and dermoscopic melanoma assessment. Simon is also a reviewer for a scientific health journal the Journal of Qualitative Health Research.

Rebecca Holbrook


Phone: 022 301 6195

Experience: 15+ years

Rebecca leads the Foot Protection Service for Taranaki, primarily treating and supporting patients with Diabetes. She also runs a private practice focused on musculoskeletal dysfunction & disorders as well as general podiatry.

Rebecca is passionate about all disciplines within Podiatry, including small business practice, health research and empowering & promoting podiatrists through PodiatryNZ.

Kiseon Hong


Phone: 021 074 9486

Experience: 10+ years

Kiseon is the director and principal podiatrist at Waitakere Foot. Graduating from AUT University in 2006, Kiseon places emphasis on continuing education and professional development to ensure patients get the best foot care possible. Since graduating, Kiseon has competed a postgraduate diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine from Otago University in 2011. He has a special interest in surgery, orthotic therapy, exercise prescription and sports injuries. Kiseon is fluent in Korean.

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