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Membership Insurance FAQ’S

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers your professional errors and negligence as a Health Professional. You have a duty of care towards your patients and any breach of that can result in an allegation or claim for compensation. With a Professional Indemnity Policy in hand, insurers can assist you in defending and settling any allegations or claims.

Who are BizCover?

BizCover are the leading online provider of Professional Indemnity Insurance in New Zealand, providing broad and cost - effective coverage from New Zealand’s leading insurers to over 1000 professions.

Why has Podiatry New Zealand partnered with BizCover?

PodiatryNZ understands risk and those associated with our podiatry profession in New Zealand. PodiatryNZ members insist on having a broad coverage that will respond at claim time. BizCover offers policies with excellent cover, competitive pricing and ease of transacting.

What if I have a claim or circumstance lodged with my previous insurer?

You will need to continue that negotiation with your previous insurer and declare the claim or circumstance on joining the PNZ membership. BizCover are available to offer assistance in this negotiation.

What are the benefits of the PodiatryNZ Insurance offer?

  • You enjoy your own $2 million limit of Professional Indemnity cover

  • You enjoy an automatic reinstatement of this limit if you have a large claim

  • You have $2 million Public Liability cover

  • You have $1 million Statutory Liability cover

  • You have $1 million Employers Liability cover

  • Broad policies designed for Allied Health Professionals

  • Competitive pricing

  • Strong claims advocating when it really matters

  • Insurers with A rating Financial Strength

Can I opt out of the PodiatryNZ Insurance offer?

You can opt out of the PodiatryNZ Insurance programme however, PodiatryNZ insists on a high standard of cover and will need to review your policy. This review will determine policies, limits, extensions and exclusions are at least equal to those held by PodiatryNZ members.

How do I know if I am covered?

Your insurance premium is included in your PodiatryNZ membership fee. As soon as you have paid your membership fee, your cover will commence from your joining date (usually the 1st of the next month) and will be renewed on that anniversary.

Who do I call if I have a question about my policy or cover?

You can call BizCover between 8am and 5 pm on a weekday on 0508 249268, you need to mention you are a PodiatryNZ member.

What do I do if a patient is unhappy with my service?

As soon as a patient has made a verbal or written allegation against you or demanded compensation, you should call BizCover and lodge a circumstance.

What is a claims made basis of cover?

When you first become aware of a claim or a circumstance that could potentially lead to a claim against you, you need to report it against the policy in force at the time, not the policy that was in force when you carried out the work that is the subject of the claim or circumstance.

Am I covered if I treat a family member?

In most cases you are not covered for claims arising from family members or close associates such as employees or de facto partners.

What happens if I take a leave of absence?

You should notify PodiatryNZ or BizCover immediately. The status of your policy can be switched to Run Off, meaning that you are not working currently, but still liable for any work done previously.

What happens when I retire?

You should notify PodiatryNZ or BizCover immediately. The status of your policy can be switched to Run Off, meaning that you are not working currently, but still liable for any work done previously.

Am I covered to work outside of New Zealand?

You are not automatically covered to work overseas so notify BizCover as soon as this becomes apparent. Insurers will be notified and may agree to extend the cover, usually at no additional cost.

Will this policy cover my past activities?

If you have a professional indemnity insurance policy in place at the time of joining PodiatryNZ, you will enjoy retroactive cover. However, past claims and circumstances reported or known about, will not be covered.

If I work for a DHB, do I need the cover?

If you are contracted to a DHB, it is still prudent to have your own dedicated policy and policy limit in place. The policy limits under the DHB arrangements are usually shared and the excess levels are usually significant. Also, the PodiatryNZ arrangements include Public Liability and Statutory Liability that are not always available to employees or contractors under DHB insurance arrangements. Public Liability covers you for third party property damage claims and Statutory Liability covers you for inadvertent breaches of New Zealand statutes.

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