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Strategic Direction

Our Vision

To advance the quality of and access to podiatry

Hei whakapiki i te kounga me te whai wāhi ki te haumanu waewae

Our Values
  • Integrity
    We act with integrity and respect in all we do. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour, including honesty, transparency and fairness in all aspects of our work.

  • Leadership
    We aim to support the profession of podiatry leading by example with vision, acting in the best interests of those receiving podiatric care.

  • Excellence
    We are committed to robust governance, continuous quality development, and application of best practice principles in all that we do.

  • Collegiality
    We aim to actively engage with members and stakeholders, working together to enhance and advance the quality of and access to podiatry for the communities we serve.

Our Strategic Goals
  • Facilitating Collegiality
    Our goal is to facilitate a collegial network of podiatrists and stakeholders based on mutual respect and understanding. These cooperative relationships to be achieved through the engagement of podiatrists at the national and regional levels. PodiatryNZ aims to deliver quality communication and training to enhance relationships for and between members, students and stakeholders.


  • Expanding Careers
    Our goal is to assist members to maximise career potential, improve patient outcomes and maintain job satisfaction. Professional development and career specialisations will continue to be a focus. PodiatryNZ will work collaboratively with others to achieve prescribing rights, deliver high risk foot and sports training and to further quality clinic training with the implementation of a 3rd party audit process.


  • Sustainability
    Our goal is to ensure the continued relevance of PodiatryNZ by safeguarding sound organisational practices through best practice governance practices. This will involve the implementation of best practice procedures for: transitioning key personnel, Board succession plans and an investment in appropriate induction and governance procedures.

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