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Clinical Excellence and Clinic Handbook

The Clinic Handbook encompasses quality frameworks, best practice standards and health and safety compliance needed to achieve clinical excellence and top of scope performance.  It is a tool that enables processes and standards to be consistently delivered to a quality standard.


Built around the Allied Health Services Sector Standard NZS 8171:2005, the Clinic Handbook assists podiatrists to meet the increasing need for demonstrated quality systems particularly those for funded services.


Clinic Handbook training has been delivered to over half our membership. Some members have dipped into the content; others have started to implement more robust quality systems across clinics.


One practice group has embraced the quality system approach to business wholeheartedly. Through hard work and dedication, Resonance Podiatry, achieved the ultimate goal, Certification to the Allied Health Standard. Certification is provided after a comprehensive third-party auditing process by a certified auditing authority.  


Clinic Handbook training is usually held in September, currently available as e-learning. Cost for training including hard copy and access online is $900.00 - payment plan available, please email.

Here's what you will find in the Handbook:

Part 1 – Consumer Focused Services

Consumer Rights
Privacy and Dignity
Informed Consent
Māori Values and Beliefs
Individual Values and Beliefs

Customer Service Charter

Part 2 – Organisational Management

Legislation and Risk
Human Resource Management
Quality and Risk Management
Advertising and Marketing

Part 3 – Pre-entry to services

Consumer acceptance process
Client registration
Declining entry to services

Part 4 - Service Delivery

Service provision
Timely and Appropriate Services
Client Assessment
Service Delivery Plan
Client Goals
Discharge/Referral Planning
Involvement of other Providers
Post-intervention Support
Reviewing the Service delivery plan
Exit, discharge and transfer
Clinical emergency response

Part 5 – Managing Service Delivery

Client information management
Third Parties (Insurance Company, ACC)
Health Records
Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
Fair Trading Act 1986
Infection control management
Facilities and Equipment
Standard Precautions
Management of waste and hazardous substances

Part 6 – Safe and appropriate environment

Safe working practices
Essential security systems
Environment management
Facility specifications
Standard precautions

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