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Maintaining Accreditation


Fundamentals of Sports



Basics of Orthotics - Part 1


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Basics of Orthotics - Part 2


The Accreditation Pathway


Members must achieve the requirements in both the Fundamentals and Practical Competencies as outlined in the Sports Competency Framework.  PodiatryNZ does not dictate how a candidate should meet educational standards. It acknowledges that there is no “one way” that a competency can be met.  With improvements in technology or changes in practice there will be a variety of ways that outcomes can be achieved.

As an autonomous professional, each podiatrist needs to make informed, reasoned decisions about their practice to ensure that they are making the best possible decisions for clients. Sports: PodiatryNZ will support each member and provide a channel to seek advice and support from education providers, researchers, academics, colleagues and others involved in the wellbeing of clients.   

5 Key Steps to Accreditation
  1. must have at least four years’ experience, including at least two years spent working towards accreditation.

  2. those who have previous sports training may still receive recognition if they can demonstrate prior learning that has included elements of the Sports Framework. 

  3. prior to accreditation, the PodiatryNZ member must attend the complusory 2-day practical’s workshop where they will participate with other candidates.  In this situation, candidates will need to demonstrate to their peers that they have contributed in training, been able to communicate their decision-making abilities and demonstrate that they have been able to critically assess and evaluate each patient’s condition to design an appropriate treatment plan. 

  4. the practical’s assessment is not based on pass/fail or right/wrong answers. The assessment requires recognition that participants can demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and treat conditions relevant to active people.

  5. have attended one or more relevant PodiatryNZ sponsored in-person training such as Fundamentals Sports and the Sports Workshops, OR enrolled in the PodiatryNZ on-line training modules

The importance of Accreditation

Accredited Sports Podiatrists will be clearly identifiable by their peers and members of the medical and sporting community as valuable assets in injury management and prevention. Accredited Sports Podiatrists will be known for providing better outcomes for the active community in the management and the prevention of injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. 


The intended audience for treatment by the Accredited Sports Podiatrist will include professional, elite, amateur and young athletes, including active people of all ages who have sustained injury in day to day life.


Being an Accredited Sports Podiatrist will provide recognition as a healthcare professional that uses advanced capabilities in the areas of:

  • rehabilitation techniques

  • training interventions to assist preventing injury

  • techniques to restore optimal function, and

  • enhancing sports performance


Sports podiatrists who demonstrate advanced expertise in the diagnosis of foot, ankle and lower limb pathology can be recognised through the Sports: PodiatryNZ accreditation program.


By engaging with Sports: PodiatryNZ, members will be able to deliver robust, reliable, consistent management to the podiatric sports patients.

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