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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning must be within 5 years of starting the pathway, the exception being study that has resulted in a Nationally recognised university post-graduate qualification.

Foundation competencies can be cross credited if participants have a Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine (PGDipSEM) or equivalent.

The way podiatrists meet the standards can change over time because of improvements in technology or changes in practice. As an autonomous professional association, PodiatryNZ will seek advice and support from education providers, employers, colleagues and others to be able to make informed decisions about applicants who are looking for alternate pathways to meet the applicable standards. 

Requirements for achieving Accreditation

To achieve accreditation as a PodiatryNZ recognised sports podiatrist a member must meet the minimum requirements:

  1. Have graduated and be working in clinical practice for at least four years.

  2. Have spent at least 2 years undertaking suitable study on PodiatryNZ fundamentals and practical competencies. 

  3. Be a financial member of PodiatryNZ

  4. Demonstrate relevant prior learning prior to undertaking the post training practical’s assessment

PodNZ Training
On-line Assessment
On completion of all training modules, participant must successfully complete on-line assessment – 80% pass rate in each competency.
Two-day Assessment Training Compulsory attendance – no alternatives.
Two days – includes peer assessment
Clinic Handbook Highly Recommended
PodiatryNZ in-person or online training
not applicable
Orthotics Training
PodiatryNZ in-person Orthotics Training 2018, or Craig Payne Bootcamp (online or in person), or Part 1 Basics of Orthotics, online module, and Part 2 Basics of Orthotics, online module (purchased from PodiatryNZ)
Equivalent – training must cover “advanced orthotics” (approved on application to PodiatryNZ)
Fundamentals of Sports
PodiatryNZ Fundamentals 2017 in-person, or PodiatryNZ Fundamentals online module (purchased from PodiatryNZ
Relevant postgraduate study which can be demonstrated to meet the foundation competencies (approved on application to PodiatryNZ)

Fundamentals of Sports



Basics of Orthotics - Part 1


James Kennedy 2.jpg

Basics of Orthotics - Part 2


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