New On-line Certificate Course

On Wednesday 19 August we will be launching our Clinical Excellence Certificate Course.  This is a companion program to accompany the Clinic Handbook. 


If you enrol in this program, you will receive access to a suite of resources including self-directed learning workbooks, once completed these are returned for review. 


On completion of the six modules, you will receive a certificate of competition.  This will enable you to record your CPD on your Registration Board.

Seven Workbooks
  1. Introduction: Clinic Self-Assessment

  2. Part 1: Health and Disability Code of Practice

  3. Part 2: Complaint Management

  4. Part 3: Patient Entry Processes and Declining Services

  5. Part 4: Informed Consent

  6. Part 5: Infection Control Management

  7. Part 6: Health & Safety and Risk Management Planning


You will also have access to the webinars already developed on aspects of the Clinic Handbook and a new informative webinar release on How to write a Policy


You can complete the workbooks in any order, you will receive your Certificate once all the workbooks are completed.  Enrol now and the resources will be sent to you when they are available.

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