Resonance Group

Job Location:

Kapiti Coast, Wellington region

Contractual Agreement: 

Hours per Week:

To be negotiated

Hourly Pay:

To be negotiated

Treatment Type:

General and sports podiatry

About the Job

  • Looking for a podiatr􏰄y business 􏰅which balances 􏰄you􏰃r lifest􏰄yle􏰆?

  • Want to hit the ground r􏰃unning 􏰅with a busy􏰄 clinical load􏰇 and room for ex􏰈pansion 􏰉and specialisation􏰆

  • Keen to be part of a 􏰊vibrant􏰇 di􏰊verse and grow􏰅ing commu􏰃nit􏰄􏰆y?

  • Wanting to ow􏰅n a podiatry􏰄 clinic now􏰅 or gain ex􏰈perience to work towards owning one in the fu􏰃t􏰃ure􏰆?

  • This opport􏰃unit􏰄y ticks all the boxes!􏰋 Whether at the beginning􏰇 middle or nearing the later stages of 􏰄you􏰃r podiatry career􏰇 Kapiti Podiatry􏰄 􏰉 Resonance Gro􏰃up offers something ver􏰄y special􏰌

Contact Details

Contact Name(s):

Lisa Whiteman

Contact Phone Number(s): 

+64 4 233 9110

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Job Start Date: 

Date Added: 

1 June 2021, 3:46:26 am

To be negotiated