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Hobsonville Podiatry

Job Location:

Hobsonville, Auckland

Contractual Agreement: 

Contractor position - 50% rate & commission on product, maternity cover

Hours per Week:

Variable - can be anywhere from 16-40hrs, depending on how much the person wants to do!

Hourly Pay:


Treatment Type:

General Podiatry and BMX

About the Job

We are seeking someone who:

•Has at least 5 years experience in all areas of Podiatry (surgery, BMX, skin and nails, ACC). 

•Is enthusiastic about Podiatry and helping individuals improve their function.

•Has an appreciation of a holistic health model (eg. bio-psycho-social) and regularly practices with this guiding them (but does not step outside of scope).

•Is an ‘out of the box’ thinker and a wonderful problem solver.

•Is driven to continually learn and improve their existing knowledge.

You should be confident in:

•Managing your own client caseload

•Writing referral letters to GPs/Physios/Specialists

•Custom orthotic casting and script writing

•Prefabricated orthotic modifications

•Cleaning instruments and using an autoclave

•Talking to clients over the phone

•Using computers for note taking and billing

•Your shoe knowledge – casual, sports and work shoes

Please email CV to:

For more details on our clinic, please see:

Contact Details

Contact Name(s):

Lauren Wannenburg

Contact Phone Number(s): 

Contact Email(s):


Job Start Date: 

Date Added: 

17 August 2022 at 9:49:32 pm

Maternity cover from Nov/Dec 2022 - Dec 2023

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