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24 August update - full steam ahead 

Saturday, 12 Sep 2020 10:00 AM - Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 4:00 PM

Two day program in Auckland. All members are welcome to attend. Only those members who have completed the prerequisites for Sports Accreditation will be eligible for assessment at the conclusion of this training program.


Please enrol and watch this informative webinar for more information on the Sports Accrediation Program.

Who should enrol for this course?

All members are welcome to attend this course. 

The training will be applicable to those in general practice as well as those who have a significant interest in active people. 

If you have previously completed the Fundamentals of Sports and Orthotics training,  you will be on track to become accredited as a PodiatryNZ Sports Podiatrist.

What’s in the course?

The Sport’s workshop covers the remaining elements of the sport’s practical framework. Conducted over two days, it includes practical learning, peer group discussions, case studies and examination and diagnostic techniques.
At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to be assessed and accredited as a PodiatryNZ Sports Podiatrist.

Who can become a PodiatryNZ Sports Podiatrist?

Those wanting to achieve accreditation must have at least four clinical years’ experience, including at least two years spent working towards accreditation.

Previous attendees

Those who have attended the Fundamentals of Sports Training 2017 and Sports Workshop 2018 will be able to complete the practical’s assessment by the conclusion of this workshop.

Those without previous attendance

Those who were unable to attend previous PodiatryNZ sports training may still receive recognition if they can demonstrate prior learning which includes elements of the Sports Framework. A knowledge assessment pertaining to the Fundamentals framework is also required.

How will participants be assessed?

Fundamentals knowledge assessment:

The fundamentals knowledge assessment will be a series of multichoice questions and short answers which evaluate the understanding of fundamental principles of treating active people. Resources to assist learning and revision will become available prior to the workshop. The resources are not an exclusive list, but rather a guide. Self-initiated research is encouraged.

Practical’s Assessment:

Participants will need to demonstrate to their peers that they have contributed in the training, been able to communicate their decision-making abilities and demonstrate that they have been able to critically assess and evaluate each patient’s condition.  The practical’s assessment is not based on pass/fail or right/wrong answers. The assessment requires recognition that participants can demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and treat conditions relevant to active people amongst their peers. 


On the successful achievement of the Fundamentals Assessment (80% pass-rate) and the completion of the on-line training modules and in-person training successful candidates will be invited to become PodiatryNZ Sports Accredited.


Facilitators will be Sports Accredited members

Matt Franken

Chris Gates

Cam Palmer

Andrew Jones

Caron Orelowitz


Guest Presenters:

Rob Dallimore - A trained Podiatrist Rob founded Foot Traffic a successful Triathlon Coaching business. As an Accredited Triathlon Coach, Rob has seen success with his athletes.  Rob carries a long history in the sport having raced for over 20 years in events of all distances, from Sprint Triathlon through to Ironman and on to Ultra distance Triathlons. 

Quentin Reeves -  is a Musculoskeletal Radiologist at both SRG and Auckland City Hospital. After completing the Radiology programme at Auckland, Quentin received his subspecialty training in MRI and musculoskeletal radiology at UCLA. He subsequently worked in Sydney in private practice and at Prince of Wales Hospital.
He has a particular interest in MRI, musculoskeletal ultrasound and spinal procedures. Well respected within the medical community, Quentin has worked in Sydney, Los Angeles and Auckland, with career highlights including working as a Radiologist at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.


Interested in becoming a PodiatryNZ Sports Podiatrist?? Here is some key information.


Accommodation can be booked at the Auckland City Copthorne Hotel.  We have been advised this is not a COVID isolation hotel.  If that situation changes we will let you know.

CPD Hours:   14.00 Professional Learning - Attendance at Events

Location: Auckland City Copthorne Hotel - Anzac Ave

City: Auckland

Branch: National

Graduates: email for special graduate rates

Member price: $600.00

Non-member price: $900.00

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