Notice and Agenda
2021 Annual General Meeting


All members of PodiatryNZ are invited to attend, by Zoom, the Annual General Meeting on

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 7.00 pm. 


A link to the meeting will be sent to registered members.


Those unable to attend electronically may appoint the Chair or a member as their proxy to vote on their behal

2021 Board Information

The Board may consist of up to seven Members, three Members elected members of the Association.

Additionally, one podiatrist Māori representative may be appointed and the Board may co-opt additional Board members with or without full voting rights provided that at no time there shall be more than two such co-opted Board members.

At the first Board meeting after the Annual General Meeting, the Board will appoint a Board member as Chairperson by consensus or a simple majority vote of the Board.  

There is two Board members whose terms are not expiring in 2021.

  • Rachael Harper

  • Lawrence Kingi

There are two Board members who had a term expiring in November 2021. Both members have nominated for a further term. 

  • Matthew Franken

  • Sarah Duncan

Members were required to nominate for Board positions on or before 1st October 2021.  No further nominations were received.  The current members have been reappointed.  They have the ability to co-opt additional members.